Take the list of the AFL-CIO's endorsed candidates into the voting booth during the General Election on Nov. 4.
Download List of Labor-Friendly Candidates Endorsed By AFL-CIO
10.29.14 Click the link above to download a list of all labor-friendly candidates in Illinois endorsed by the AFL-CIO. Teamsters Joint Council 25 has endorsed Gov. Pat Quinn for re-election in the upcoming General Election on November 4.
Teamsters Join Fight Against Breast Cancer in Chicago (Photos)
10.29.14 — Members Raise Thousands During Charity Walk
Teamster members, families and friends walked in Chicago and Park Ridge on October 25 in the fight against breast cancer.
Hoffa Joins Chicago Teamsters to Help Re-Elect Gov. Quinn (Photos)
10.22.14 — General President Greets Members Across City
Chants of “We want Quinn!” rang out along the docks of Chicago’s International Produce Market as General President Jim Hoffa and rank-and-file members walked with Pat Quinn.
Local 330 Member Awarded $27,500 in Back Pay at Flexonics
10.15.14 — Teamsters Fight for Job for Worker Unfairly Fired
A manufacturing employees at Senior Flexonics was awarded more than $27,000 in back pay after Teamsters Local 330 fought to protect his job following a wrongful termination.
Teamsters Rally in Chicago to Support Gov. Pat Quinn, Workers
09.12.14 — 1,200 Teamsters Attend Women's Conference
Hundreds of Teamsters attending the Annual Teamster Women’s Conference rallied to support the re-election of Gov. Pat Quinn.

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