The Teamsters Local 916 Women’s Committee made it their mission to spread love and kindness this Valentine’s Day. They spent hours Tuesday filling up gift bags for women residing in eight assisted living homes across the Springfield area.

Teamsters Local 916 Women’s Committee Co-Chair TJ Ruenger said the Women’s Committee wanted to deliver the gift bags, filled with chocolates, a card, and other goodies, to the women to brighten their Valentine’s Day, and make their community a better place.

“We like to give back to the community,” Ruenger said. “We chose the group homes because these women don’t usually receive gifts like this, so we wanted to make them feel special.”

The Local 916 Women’s Committee sponsors several other charitable efforts throughout the year.

If you are a Local 916 member and are interested in joining the Women’s Committee please contact TJ Ruenger for more information at