Substantial Arbitration Victory Restores Teamster Seniority Rights

An independent arbitrator on September 17 ruled in favor of Teamsters Local 330 to preserve worker seniority rights at Senior Flexonics after a months-long fight by union representatives.

Local 330 began pursuing multiple grievances against the manufacturing company, based in suburban Bartlett, as early as March over violations of seniority rights and shift displacements relating to department reductions. An impasse was declared this summer after management was unable to reach an agreement with Local 330 President Dominic Romanazzi and several Local 330 stewards.

The outstanding grievances were advanced to an arbitrator, who upheld and more clearly defined language in the Teamsters’ contract regarding seniority and the rights of Local 330 members at Senior Flexonics whose shifts may be displaced by management.

“The arbitrator’s ruling is a major victory for every Local 330 member working at Senior Flexonics,” Romanazzi said. “The local union has aggressively and tirelessly pursued these grievances for months on behalf of the membership. The ruling on September 17 preserves the strength of our contract for the long haul and keeps our members working in a fair and safe environment.”

Approximately 10 Senior Flexonics workers represented by Local 330 are returning to positions at their preferred shifts as a result of the decision.

Teamsters Local 330 is an affiliate of Teamsters Joint Council 25, America’s premier labor union for Chicago, Illinois and northwest Indiana. Local 330 represents more than 300 workers at Senior Flexonics, a leading automotive, energy, medical and aerospace supply manufacturer.