Teamsters Strongly Oppose National Right-to-Work
02.01.17 (Legislation) — The Teamsters Union strongly opposes national "right-to-work" legislation introduced in Congress that will hurt workers and their unions. The destructive anti-worker bill, House Resolution 785, is sponsored by Reps. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) and Steve King (R-Iowa) and would amend the National Labor Relations Act and Railway Labor Act to institute damaging right-to-work in all 50 states.
01.17.17 (Legislation) — Local 727 Fights for Better Pharmacy Standards, Working Conditions
Teamsters Local 727 last year met with Illinois state representatives and prepared proposals for new legislation aimed at addressing the concerns of Teamster-represented Osco and CVS pharmacists. After Local 727's actions, some changes were made to Illinois pharmacy regulatory rules.
10.21.16 (Legislation) — Teamsters Local 727 Opposes Job-Killing Beverage Tax
Teamsters Local 727 is calling all members to oppose a beverage tax recently proposed by Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle. In a misguided attempt to close Cook County's budget gap, Preckwinkle wants a soda tax which would add more or as much as a 50 percent new tax to a case of soda. The cent-per-ounce tax would be enforced on soda, lemonade, sports drinks and even diet drinks. It would add 72 cents to a six-pack of soda or 68 cents to a two-liter bottle.
07.13.16 (Legislation) — NLRB Makes It Easier to Organize New Teamsters
The Teamsters, the broader labor movement and, most importantly, American workers received good news from the National Labor Relations Board on July 11 when it ruled that company employees and long-term temps working for the same employer can organize and seek fairer wages and labor conditions together as one unit without seeking permission.

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