The following is a statement by Teamsters joint Council 25 President Terrence J. Hancock in response to Illinois State Representative Michael J. Madigan announcing his resignation:

“On behalf of Teamsters Joint Council No. 25, our affiliated Local Unions and the 100,000 hard working men and women we represent, I would like to personally thank Representative Michael J. Madigan for his five decades of public service and his true dedication to working families and his overall support of the labor movement. I know that our membership and countless others throughout the State, are the better for it.

In the fifty years he has been a public servant, there was no bigger advocate for the working class in the Illinois General Assembly than Michael J. Madigan.

In his 3 decades as Speaker, Michael Madigan has helped Illinois become one of the strongest labor states in the nation. He has shepherded the passage of infrastructure programs that have created thousands of construction jobs, he worked to improve working families access to health care and has been a bulwark against every attempt to turn Illinois into a Right to Work State.

We wish Rep. Madigan the best in his future endeavors and look forward to working with Legislators in Illinois who continue to support hard working families and the labor movement.”