Following contract renewal negotiations with the State of Illinois and securing retroactive wage increases in 2020, Teamsters Joint Council No. 25 pushed on for nearly $2 Million in additional pay.

Teamsters Joint Council 25 has fought for and won nearly $2 million in retroactive overtime pay on behalf of IDOT members. The win means that the additional compensation will go to hard-working IDOT members at twelve Local Unions.

IDOT initially refused to pay the correct scale for overtime wages to its members dating back as far as 2019, shorting members out of millions in hard-earned compensation. After negotiations stalled, grievances were filed by Local Unions and some legal maneuvering, Teamsters Joint Council 25 and Affiliates gained the added premium compensation Teamster members have rightfully earned.

“This win was a perfect example of what Teamster coordination and determination can produce. We stood our ground, united as Teamsters to fight for our rank-and-file IDOT members across the State of Illinois, and we did not retreat until we obtained what our members deserve. This was no small undertaking, and I would like to thank all who were instrumental in this conquest,” said Teamsters Joint Council 25 President Terrence J. Hancock.

Negotiations were supported by a strong coalition of Local Unions and Officers, including Local 26 President Pat Gleason, Local 50 President Pat Nichols, Local 330 President Dominic Romanazzi, Local 525 Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Engelke, Local 627 President Keith Gleason and Secretary-Treasurer Greg Wheet, Local 700 President Ramon Williams, Local 722 President Frank Barger, and Local 916 President J.P. Fyans.

This win comes a year after Joint Council 25 fought IDOT in January 2020 and won back millions in pay for retroactive wage increases. Teamsters Local 627 President and Downstate Negotiating Committee Chair Keith Gleason is proud of the perseverance and skill of the negotiating team.

“Our IDOT members have put in their own blood, sweat, and tears into their jobs to make Illinois roadways safe, and we were not going to budge until we won. This sends a clear message to employers: we will fight for every last penny that is owed to our members,” Gleason said.

The win will affect IDOT members at Local 330, Local 700, and downstate Illinois Locals. The State of Illinois is still working on a suitable process for coordinating payments and it has not been announced when members can expect said payments.