As you are enjoying time with family and friends this Labor Day Weekend, remember your Teamsters and other union brothers and sisters currently fighting for fair labor around the nation. Labor disputes impact employees and their families as they are weathering the elements and are uncertain when they will go back to work.

Moral support goes a long way when you pass by workers in the middle of a labor dispute. If you see these workers on your route, honk your horn. Others will take notice and may honk themselves. These employees appreciate a friendly handshake and being asked how the fight is going. If you have the opportunity, you may also bring them food and conversation.

These workers are sending a clear and concise message to management that they are valuable and should be treated with dignity and respect. Remember, Labor Day was brought to you by the sweat on the labor movement’s brow. As Teamsters, we hold our labor in high esteem and support all union men and women fighting for their rights.

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend.