PEORIA, IL | Yesterday, the Teamsters Local 710 members at UPS Peoria conducted an informational picket before their shift began to protest unsafe – and unreasonable – working conditions at their facility  brought on by improper staffing.

“This is a safety issue, plain as day,” said 710 President and Business Agent Del Schaefer. “UPS is severely understaffing the Peoria barn, and the Local has serious safety concerns because of it that need to be addressed.”

Local 710 members and representatives carried informative signs and set up the iconic rat right at the entrance of the UPS Peoria facility, starting before sunrise.

“Our members at Peoria are true Teamsters, and they came together, led by their dedicated stewards, in a strong show of solidarity to fight for their rights in the workplace,” said Secretary-Treasurer Mike Cales. “They have the full support of the Local behind them, and UPS needs to correct these issues immediately.”

Teamsters Local 710 represents more than 7,500 UPS members across three states, with nearly 200 at the Peoria facility alone.

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