Brothers and Sisters,


I would like to take a moment to mention and formally recognize the hardworking Teamsters that are keeping this City, State, and our Country running at this time of National uncertainty. Our members are the backbone of the American economy. Collectively we keep advancing the country’s day to day agenda…for which we are all very grateful!

Some of you are working 12-hour shifts keeping our grocery stores stocked. Some of you are delivering packages containing critical medicine and related supplies. Some of you are on staff at local hospitals that are caring for COVID-19 patients. We will continue to do everything in this Union’s power to make sure our Teamster Brothers and Sisters are protected and respected while providing essential services and much needed security. We owe our undying gratitude to you, and thank you for continuing to keep America running amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Some of you, however, have been instructed to stay home. Some of you have been reluctantly laid-off. Some of you are worried about your family and loved ones and how they’ll make it through, without proper protective gear and/or a weekly paycheck. We will continue to do everything in this Union’s power to assist our Teamster Brothers and Sisters who continue to struggle through this turbulent period. We will continue to fight on your behalf, urging employers to expand paid leave for those affected by COVID-19, protecting workers from being overworked and under compensated as some industries ramp-up production and services, pushing for legislation that provides relief to industries negatively affected by COVID-19, and keeping you informed about the latest health and safety alerts from government agencies.

All Teamsters Joint Council No. 25 Affiliates and their dedicated staffs, continue to work diligently on your behalf and well-being, and are committed to taking care of our hard working rank-and-file membership.

This is and shall continue to be job one!

In solidarity,

Terrence J. Hancock