Teamsters Joint Council No. 25 is showing its appreciation to all of the hard-working Teamsters who are performing essential work during the COVID-19 pandemic by putting up billboards across Chicago-area expressways thanking them for continuing to work on the front lines.

“From the waste collection workers keeping our communities clean, to the supply chain workers keeping our stores stocked, and every Teamster in between, we want to show our gratitude to you,” said Teamsters Joint Council No. 25 President Terrence J. Hancock.

Chicago’s morning traffic is a lot lighter due to so many people working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the traffic on Chicago-area expressways is made up essential workers, and a lot of those essential workers are Teamsters working in the fields of food processing, public service, transportation, construction, waste collection, freight, and more.

“Our Teamster Men and Women are the ones still on the roads keeping America running and they have not missed a beat. I am so proud of their work. I hope they see these billboards and know we are continuing to fight for them every day to make sure they’re protected and compensated for the essential work they’re doing right now,” Hancock said.

Teamster billboard locations:

I-290 at Northlake facing North

I-294 at Northlake facing North

Rt. 83 at Butterfield Rd. facing North and South

Rt. 53 at Euclid Ave. facing North and South

I-290 at Manheim Rd. facing West.